The Romans paid a visit to our 1st Years recently


A Roman re-enactment took place at St Francis College on Friday 9th March 2012. All first years attended and enjoyed the occasion greatly. The purpose of the re-enactment was to increase students’ understanding of this ancient civilisation for their Junior Certificate.

The three hour event, hosted by the History Department, was performed by ‘Romans Ireland’, a Cork based group of actors whose aim is to show as accurately as possible how a Roman soldier behaved in peacetime and in war.

Students participated in a number of activities and listened to various speakers including a Roman Centurion, a Roman Senator and a Celtic woman living in the Roman Empire.

All students took orders in Latin from their commanding Roman officer and some formed the ‘testudo’ defensive position by overlapping their shields around their group protecting themselves from enemy arrows.

Many students commented on their ‘deadly weapons’, their ‘cool costumes’, and ‘how heavy’ armour and chain mail can be. Romans Ireland brought Roman history and culture to life in a fun way appealing to many of the students’ senses. All the 1st Years assembled in the blue room for a day of interaction with 4 time travellers from Ancient Rome. They learned about Roman life, clothes, soldiers, the Roman Senate and Roman food.


A very appreceiative and eager 1st Year audience thoroughly enjoyed the day.


A big ‘thank-you’ to Mr. Weldon for organising the event.