Dairy Devils

We have great news !

The Dairy Devils of St. Francis College Rochestown are now through to the finals of the NDC Milk It awards 2013.

Last week we received a phone call informing us that our campaign is in the top 10 senior campaigns in the country. This means that the Dairy Devils will now travel to The Mansion House in Dublin on the 1st of May in a bid to become the top team in the country. We must  present our work to the panel of expert judges on the day, along the way meeting the other finalists and having some craic.

We are thrilled to get this far in such a great competition and we now have a fantastic opportunity ahead of us to compete against the best teams nationwide and spread word of our campaign even further. Wish us luck, we will keep you all posted !






Dairy Devils Evaluation Video

[embedwidth src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/L6CoUx8JGEM”]


This clip shows a timelapse of the editing behind the information video!

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Update February 2013

Dairy Devils ! 5th Year Art class nationwide schools competition.

Roco are shortlisted for the finals.
Sponsored by the National Dairy Council. Click Here for more info.
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Click below for the latest offering from the Dairy Devils crew

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Update January 2013

The Dairy Devils are now through to the next round of the Milk It awards.

This week we were given the go ahead to activate our plan to promote dairy in the school.This is a already a great achievement as over 500 schools entered their own videos with just 100 being chosen. It is now time to get the ball rolling.

We will be activating our plan in conjunction with healthy eating week 4th – 10th of February.Our next goal is to get onto a shortlist of the top 20 campaigns in the country. Stay tuned for cheesy jokes,sample packs and lots more .

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5th Year Promotion Video for the “Milk It” awareness campaign by the Dairy Council of Ireland

[embedwidth src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/p2WMbR4Ncoc”]

Team Members:

Conor Walter, Aidan Marnane, Evan Stone, Justin Tang, Philip Reid & Evan Shelly