Castleknock Mace Debating March 2014

Castleknock College Mace

On Saturday the 29thof March, Ciarán Daly, Ronan Daly, Rory O’Sullivan, and Eoin O’Sullivan attended the annual Castleknock community college mace debating competition. The competition is hosted every year and has a great turnout with debaters from all over the country coming to compete. There were twenty four teams competing overall. The competition took place over the day, with four motions followed by a final. The motions were as follows:

• That this house would (Thhw) allow minorities to disobey the government

• TTHW create an EU standing army

• TTHW ban gambling

• TTHB that people from first world countries who can afford to do so should be obligated to donate to charity

Our two teams both managed to reach the final. The motion for the final was TTHW introduce drug testing as a condition for receiving social welfare. (The idea being not to give social welfare to drug addicts)

The lads did extraordinarily well, with Rory and Eoin winning the fianl as a team, Ciarán and Ronan coming in as the runner up team, Rory O’Sullivan winning best overall speaker, and Ciarán winning best speaker of the final. They all got lovely plaques and Easter eggs. All prizes were won by Rochestown.

Thanks to Ciarán Daly for the report.